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Student Finance
Sound Training Centre is a private college and as such applicants to our course do not qualify for funding through the Department of Education. (www.citizensinformation.ie and www.studentfinance.ie provide information on course fees and details of eligibility required). There are however a number of avenues worth investigating for financial assistance, depending on your individual circumstances:
Tax Relief:

Tax relief is available on fees paid and can also be claimed by someone who pays fees on your behalf. Contact us for details of eligible courses and see revenue.ie .
Back to Education Allowance:This may help you do a full time course if you are getting social welfare payments. It is intended for participants over 21 years of age but you may be eligible if you are over 18 and in receipt of disability or blind allowances (or if you have been out of education for at least 2 years and are getting jobseekers or one parent family payment). See www.welfare.ie

Part Time Education Option:

If you are getting jobseekers allowance or jobseeker benefit there is a part-time education option; this means you can keep your existing payment and related benefits while attending a part-time course that is likely to help you get a job.
TESG (Technical Employment Support Grant):

The Technical Employment Support Grant is designed to assist jobseekers experiencing barriers in progressing from unemployment to the workforce by way of assisted funding for courses that are not directly available via FAS or another state provider. This includes and is open to jobseekers, people with disabilities and jobseekers with distance issues from the labour market.Contact: FAS 1800611 116 or visit www.fas.ie

Other useful information

www.itsyourmoney.ie has information on opening a bank account in Ireland.

MABS –money advice and budgeting service can help www.mabs.ie lo-call 1890 283438

Leases –if renting check your rights etc at threshold.ieInformation on tax and PPS information related to fees is available at welfare.ie (which also provides a list of social welfare offices).
Installment OptionsAt Sound Training Centre: we understand that having the flexibility of installment payments for payment of fees can be of great assistance in allowing the student to commit to the course of their choice while easing the burden of payments somewhat. All of our full time and part time courses (duration 12 weeks and over) are eligible for installment plans (subject to interview and payment of deposit in advance) ( terms of the installments subject to agreement between student and Sound Training Centre)


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