Temple Bar, Dublin

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About Us

It is our aim to deliver educational programmes that meet the needs of the national and international music sectors. These programmes will reflect the underpinning knowledge and professional practices which permeate the music industry.

Our lecturing staff represent the best of the talent in the Irish Music industry, providing students with valuable insight into the practices and requirements of the modern recording industry.

At our disposal is the use of three of the country’s best studios; Apollo Recording Studios , Sun Recording Studios and Grouse Lodge Residential Recording Studios. Our lab facilities are of the highest standard, every student is assigned their own Apple workstation.

Our focus will always be centred on the student’s achievements, work acumen and experience. It is therefore necessary that we commit to educational programmes that are pedagogically sound and that integrate industry experience within the curriculum structure.

Some of our Facilities include:

  • Grouse Lodge Recording Studio
  • Apollo Studio
  • Sun Studio
  • Elektra Studio
  • The Button Factory


Temple Lane Studios

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